Prayer Room



  • deliverance

    Please pray that the abusive, controlling and evil spirits named Maureen Quann, and Paul Bernardo go from my mind and be set free, so I am set free and delivered from evil, and my Magdalena Lovejoy family and the, Mary Harmandayan, and Jhana Maya Bradshaw family be set free from all evil, abuse, and violence, and healed in our minds and restored in our souls, with a flower of life from Jesus.
    Magdalena Lovejoy

  • deliverance

    please pray that I am set free from the evil spirit named Paul Bernardo and Robert Pearman and save my life and my soul and Sally Flemming and pray I receive a flower of life from Jesus, for hope, happiness, and healed in my face from an abusive spirit.

    Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy