Praise Reports


I want to really thank God for what He did for my family on this platform the last time (It’s Still Possible) I came for this fellowship. I was so unhappy and full of worry and concern about my younger sister. As at that Sunday, she and her husband had already given up on their marriage and had decided to part ways. My sister had already packed out of the house and not willing to hear anyone. During the breakout session (Real time), I brought up the issue and expressed my worries, we prayed about it and the leader of our group assured me that God will intervene, Mummy later came up and prophesied over every challenge that God will come through for us and I claimed.

That same evening, God supernaturally brought them back together using a family friend.

Today, they are happy together without any complain and God blessed them, she is now pregnant.

To God be the Glory.

Sister Meg T



My sister and her husband have been outside the country for years. Their visa expired 4 years ago and they’ve been going to the embassy and even immigration, writing letters and doing everything to see that they renew it but all to no avail. On Sunday, 8th July, I came for the Hope Assured programme at Sandralia Hotel, Prayer, the Change Agent.  I prayed about it and asked God to help my sister and her husband with the visa renewal.

I called them on Monday to know how far, I received the news that God has done it.

To Him be all the praise and Glory.

Sister Mary .E.



Got a call from a client I spoke last with in January… She hadn’t contacted me all this while, but on Tuesday she called that I should be in her office immediately. To cut the long story short, my company had not done business since January and it was very frustrating.

I got there, she gave me some work to do, then she introduced me to her business partner and told him I can solve all his ICT needs. We got talking and its a done deal. I’m flying with him to Sokoto tomorrow to look at his very large farm and proffer ICT solutions to his challenges.

God has just begun with my list, and like my mentor always says “when God visits your neighbour, it means He is in your neighborhood”… We will all testify.

Bro. Jerry