Pastor Sam Oye at the JOY IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL by Hope Assured World Outreach

Life they say is  not a be of roses. It has its “UPs” and “DOWNs”. At Hope Assured we recognize this and on Sunday November, 13th 2017 at Sandralia Hotel we gathered to learn about how to get joy in the midst of the storm.

Angela Mbah speaking at the event

The convener Angela Mbah lead the way with some insightful thought. She affirmed that we can have joy irrespective of what we are going through and advised women not to compare themselves with others because you don’t know what the other person is going through

We can have joy irrespective of what we are going through. Don’t compare yourself with others because you don’t know what they’re going through. If you’re real to yourself, then God will solve your issues and problems. Stop depending on humans, start depending on God.

She advised young people to make themselves available in their search for life partners an to make prayer the bottom line of everything they do and to submit everything at GOD’s feet.

Then came the guest speaker. The highly celebrated Pastor Sam Oye. He started by reminding the audience that the job of the enemy is to steal their hope by placing them in an unfavourable situation. He went ahead to encourage the audience not to give up on hope in whatever circumstance they find themselves

Pastor Sam and Mary Oye

Pastor Sam and Mary Oye



In whatever situation you find yourself, don’t give up your hope – Sam Oye

In his words, Hope is the antidote to shame, it is the confident expectation of a crystalized vision. Hope is what sustains you at the time of adversity

What grieves you is an indication of what God has called you to solve. Hope Assured is a gathering where we’re refreshed and strengthened to be all that God has called us to be. Storms come and they come when we least expect them. However, what will keep you through adversity is what God has shown you before. That is why you must know what God wants you to do in life so that when adversity comes, you can be strengthened by what God has shown you

It is the loss of hope that brings loss of self worth, when you lose hope, you lose focus. When you’re focused on too many things, you become inefficient and perform below your capacity. What will preserve your life is when you’re sustained by . Don’t be concerned about long life, be concerned about what God has called you to be 

How can you end what you have not started? Before you can claim you have finished your course in this world, you must have been able to birth a positive change in this world

Pictures from the event

You can watch the message here


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